About us

We have a generational legacy in the forestry industry.

My great grandfather had a logging company in Elma, Manitoba. We have harvested in some of the areas he did! My son is a chief officer and foreman in the company and several of my grandsons are looking forward in continuing the work.

Conserving our forests for future generations is one of our mandates. By providing the services of clearing salvage areas damaged by wind, massive snow storms, fire, and insect infestations so that new plantations can be started.

One of the saddest sights is a forest fire with the loss of trees and wildlife.

We have cleaned several of these damages areas so that new growth can occur by reclaiming and harvesting the damaged forest. These reclaimed trees are often converted to wood chips and used as fuel at woodland nurseries to provide energy to help with the growth of tree seedlings which will in turn are used to replant the cleared forest areas.

Our vision is that every employee and contractor that works for Seer Logging Inc. finishes every day injury free, and completes their career with us healthy and able to enjoy their time to the fullest with family and friends.

Seer Logging growth and expertise in many areas is a direct result of a knowledgeable, competent, and professional staff at all levels. We care deeply for our employees which has been a factor in our success.

Several employees have been with the company for many years and are a dedicated to the growth and good standing of Seer Logging. All employees are provided with both ‘new-hire’ training and courses and as well through-out their time with us receive annual refresher training and courses. All new hires receive a thorough training and safety orientation before starting work at Seer Logging.

Our employees are dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic about their duties either at our main operating sites or when despatched away for several days at remote work sites.