Company Profile

Over the years, starting from the company's founding, Seer Logging Incorporated has made a name for itself in the forestry industry in Eastern and Northern Manitoba as well as Northern Ontario. The core values of the company has always been to service the customers' needs and deliver product properly and on time.

This website will serve to introduce you to who we are, what we do, and how we can deliver an exemplary product whether chip hauling, access road construction, excavating, flood control, or railway work.

Seer Logging was formed in 2004 in Elma, Manitoba by Roberta Kurian to expand into the forestry industry, in the area of wood chipping. The trees were harvested then chipped on site then transported to various mills in Ontario and Manitoba. These mills included Tembec, Domtar, and Tolko.

When first formed the company concentrated in forestry but with the down turn in the industry, Seer Logging became involved in the railroad industry in 2012. The Seer Logging rail division is developing into a significant part of the company operations. The rail division of Seer Logging has operated in North-West Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

Our Environmental Services

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Benefits of Logging

Logging refers to the business or work of cutting trees for timber. The profession of logging has many benefits to the people who work in the logging industry and also the environment.

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Line Clearance

Line-clearance tree trimming refers to the pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining removing, or clearing of danger trees or the cutting of brush that is near (within 10 feet of) energized power lines.

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We have a line of chippers providing wood chips to clients across Manitoba and Ontario.